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Welcome to STAT 458: Statistical Methods – Lab for (essentially) STAT 452! 

It was brought up that the syllabus missed one item I want to notate here, now.  You are allowed to miss 3 lab days (attendance) and you may not submit 1 lab report for grading, without grade penalty.  I understand that many of you will be having commitments out of town this semester for various seminars, etc. grad. students get involved in, and don’t want to saddle you down for this 1 credit lab.  That being said, I strongly encourage you to do the lab(s) you miss and see me if you don’t understand some of the lab(s) which you failed to attend class on, because you need (for your knowledge) to experience all we will be offering in every lab—you need to get your “money’s worth” in this lab course.  So, be sure to do all the labs

It is a good idea to bring a flash drive with you to lab every time, to store your electronic files on.  Also, you may want to email your electronic files to yourself before you leave lab, so you don’t lose any of your work.

Jon said that he has 2 copies of the STAT 452 text (Ott) in the library if students need to check one out.  Also, I have posted a paper copy of his R Intro Manual in MA 306 for your quick reference, if needed

General Information:



Data Sets:











 “R” Information:

On-Line R Software:

To get a free copy of “R” software to download, go to http:/

I recommend downloading [1] the latest version, [2]  just the 32 bit version, using default download settings, [3]  also download version 2.15.1, 32 bit version only.  So, when done, you will have 2 versions of R, the latest and the 15.1 version.

By having the 15.1 version, you can use Jon Graham’s U.M. intro R-Commander addition, rather than the more generalizable but less user friendly (for intro students) default R-Commander offered.

R Intro Manuals:

Verzanni R—what I use sometimes for lab ideas

R for Biology

UsingR—good book with commands, etc.

R-TINN book:  Europeans use TINN like we use R-Commander

R commands “cheat sheets”

Misc Commands sheet

R Commander:

Some students prefer using R Commander rather than just R-Console.  Ubuntu users must use R Commander, since it is the only user interface offered

What is R Commander?

special R-Commander for use with R version 2.15.1


Introductory R Session:

module 1      module 2    module 3

module 4      Verzani book

Tutorial R Scripts:

Scripts1.R        Scripts2.R     Scripts3.R



Tutorial R Scripts:







– how to do a 2 way table with R, complete with Chi-Square analysis and plot of Chi Square distribution

R Language Manuals:


Chapter 1 through 5

Chapter 6 through 10



Previous Semester R Info (STAT 457):

Labs from STAT 457

Placing text on R graphs

Bootstrapping with R


R Studio Information









Lab Information:



Class Work

Lab Report


Review of last semester

Lab 1 due on lab day 3



Lab 2 due on lab day 3



Lab 3 due on lab day 5



Lab 4 due on lab day 6



Lab 5 due on lab 6 day



Lab 6 due on lab 7 day



Lab 7 on lab 9 day



Lab 8 due on lab 10 day



Lab 9 due when lab 11 day



  • ++++++++++SPRING



NOTE:  The PRESS algorithm I wrote for the sat_lab9.csv data needs to change line # 6 to (n-7) instead of (n-5) as given, in order to have the Cp work out correctly—this number stands for 7 parameters in model (b0 through b6)—then program will work accurately

Due on Lab 12 day



Due on Lab 12 day also



  • Lab 12  “catch up “ lab—work on and understand previous work
  • No attendance required in class today

Lab 12


Note that next week we will have our last lab assigned and due by your scheduled day of final for STAT 452—all labs will be due (for course credit) by that last final day


Lab 13-due in 2 weeks from lab 13 day

This is last lab—all labs to be submitted for grading must be submitted no later than day of final for STAT 452

Lab 14