STAT 457 Sec 1 ( 10AM Tuesdays), Sec 2 ( 1PM Tuesdays)

Lab computer room [sec1] MA 206, [sec 2] MA306               Mike O’Lear, Instructor                        ph[cell]:  406-360-1995                 

office hours in lab room (as available) and MA 212 otherwise

Main Announcements:

--This is the page we will always want you to check frequently, for the various lab documents.  Be sure you review the lab (which will be posted usually by Monday of lab week) before you come to lab Tuesday, so you will know what is coming.  Thanks.

--I should have lab grades sent back to you (within 1 week of submittal) and new lab posted on the web site by end of each weekend

Student Question:  When are lab reports due?  Answer:  normally, they are assigned on lab Tuesday and due before you enter room for the next week’s lab class

--most of the lab sheets and “notes” are done in .pdf format

--I have recently added useful R functions help descriptions (see “Useful Scripts” below)


Misc. Notes:


--the R output for range() is 2 numbers, the min and the max.  REMEMBER that the range is a single number, not a “from…to” kind of statement.  Also, the IQR is a single number, not a “from…to” statement.


Main Course Documents






















R Documents

R Commander zip file—right click to download this zip file onto Desktop

(This is used for the U.M. R- Commander)

R Structure Overview

Package references:

vcd cover page

vcd instruction .pdf

lattice cover page

lattice instruction .pdf

Good R book (free) by Verzani

General literacy instructions Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

R Studio Information (.pdf)


R studio websites














































Labs and Lab Notes           

Lab 1:




Post lab 1 Notes

Lab 2:



Lab 3:

Lab 4:

Lab 5:
























































Lab 6:


Lab 7:

Lab 8:

Lab 9:

Lab 10:































Lab 11:

Lab 12:

Lab 13:

Lab 14:

Lab 15:  last lab






































Some Useful Scripts and R Functions

R cross tabs function xtabs()