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  • Homework Assignments

    Assignment Solutions R Code Due Date Papers
    Homework #1
    Example EDA
    HW#1 Solutions HW#1 Code Friday, February 14
    Homework #2 HW#2 Solutions HW#2 Code Tuesday, March 4
    Homework #3 HW#3 Solutions HW#3 Code Monday, March 17 Maravelias, et al. paper
    Homework #4 HW#4 Solutions HW#4 Code Monday, April 7
    Homework #5 HW#5 Solutions HW#5 Code Monday, April 28 Legendre paper
    Homework #6 HW#6 Solutions HW#6 Code Friday, May 9

    Data Sets

    Name Description
    phytoph.txt Phytophthora Disease/Moisture Data
    longleaf.txt Longleaf pine data from Thomas County, GA (p. 16 of notes)
    walk100.txt Walker Lake Illustrative Data (n=100)
    walk470.txt Walker Lake Sample Data (n=470)
    landsateng.txt England LANDSAT Data
    vgreen.txt Visual Greenness Data
    grav110.txt Gravity Data
    arsenic.txt Arsenic Concentration Data
    scallops.txt Scallops Data
    ireland.txt Ireland County Data
    air.txt Europe Air Emissions Data

    R Functions

    Function Description
    allfunctions.r Collection of all functions below
    image.legend.r Puts a legend on an image (greyscale) plot
    ppnorm.r Creates a normal probability plot
    movewin.r Calculates moving windows statistics (for any type of data)
    hscatter.r Produces h-Scatterplots and computes C(h),p(h),gamma(h)
    corrplot.r Plots C(h),p(h),gamma(h)
    triangfuncs Triangulation functions for use with "polydec.r" function
    polydec Performs polygonal declustering on a set of spatial data
    celldec Performs cell declustering on a set of spatial data
    point.crossval Performs crossvalidation for the point estimation methods
    rose.r Produces a rose plot from variogram output
    rotateaxis.r Rotates coordinates a prescribed angle clockwise from 0 degrees north
    panel.gamma0.r Panel function for plotting directional variograms with ranges shown
    getCD Computes the C and D covariance matrices for kriging
    ok.crossval Performs crossvalidation of ordinary kriging predictions & other methods

    Course Handouts

    Reading Title R Scripts
    N/A Introduction to R N/A
    Chapter 1, Section 1 (Schabenberger & Gotway)
    Chapter 1 (Bailey & Gatrell)
    Introduction to Spatial Statistics intro.r
    Chapters 2-4 (Isaaks & Srivastava) Walker Lake Data - An Exploratory Description walker.r
    Chapter 5 (Bailey & Gatrell) Covariograms, Correlograms, Variograms variog.r
    Chapter 6 (Bailey & Gatrell) Cross-Covariograms, Correlograms, Variograms crossvar.r
    Chapters 5-6 (Isaaks & Srivastava) Notes on Walker Lake Data Sets walker2.r
    Chapter 5.4.1,5.4.2 (Bailey & Gatrell) Global and Point Estimation estimate.r
    Chapters 10-11 (Isaaks \& Srivastava) Estimation Criteria estim2.r
    Chapter 5.4.4 (Bailey & Gatrell)
    Chapter 7 (Isaaks & Srivastava)
    Empirical Semivariograms empvariog.r
    Chapter 5.4.4 (Bailey & Gatrell) Alternatives to the Classical Variogram Estimator varalter.r
    Chapter 7.4 (Bailey \& Gatrell) Parametric/Median Polish Trend Removal medpol.r
    Chapter 5.5.3 (Bailey & Gatrell) Theoretical Semivariogram Models varmodel.r
    Chapter 5.5.3 (Bailey & Gatrell) Fitting Variogram Models variofit.r
    Chapter 5.5.3 (Bailey & Gatrell) Correcting for & Fitting Variograms with Anisotropies anisofit.r
    Chapter 5.5.5 (Bailey & Gatrell)
    Chapter 12 (Isaaks & Srivastava)
    Ordinary Kriging ordkrige.r
    Review Sheet - Midterm
    Chapter 5.5.5 (Bailey & Gatrell)
    Chapter 12 (Isaaks & Srivastava)
    Effect of the Variogram Function on Kriging
    N/A Crossvalidation
    N/A Trend, Variation, and Universal Kriging trendvar.r
    N/A Cokriging
    Chapter 3.1-3.5 (Bailey & Gatrell)
    Chapter 3 (Schabenberger & Gotway)
    Spatial Point Pattern Analysis pointpat.r
    Chapter 3.1-3.5 (Bailey & Gatrell)
    Chapter 3 (Schabenberger & Gotway)
    Distance Methods distance.r
    Chapter 3.4.4 (Bailey & Gatrell) Ripley's K-Function ripley.r
    Chapter 4.2 (Bailey & Gatrell) Ripley's Cross K-Function ripley2.r
    Chapter 7.4,7.5 (Bailey & Gatrell) Moran's I and Geary's C Statistics moran.r
    Chapter 7.4.1 (Bailey & Gatrell) Spatial Lattice Data and Neighborhoods
    Chapter 7.5.4 (Bailey & Gatrell) More on Spatial Lattice Models lattmod.r
    An Autologistic Model Example autolog.r

    Lecture Videorecordings

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