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Homework Assignments

Note: To download an R file, right-click the file and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Assignment Solutions R Data R Code Due Date
Homework #1 Solutions
prob11-12.txt  stripmining.txt
cesium.txt  sizes.txt
hw1.r Friday, February 7
Homework #2 Solutions
sucrase.txt  recovery.txt
repairs.txt  wheatears.txt
hw2.r Friday, February 14
Homework #3 Solutions
fishsize.txt  relrisk.txt
bigbang.txt  recovery.txt
hw3.r Friday, February 21
Homework #4 Solutions
chickfeed.txt  malebirths.txt
cornrain.txt  natal.txt
hw4.r Tuesday, March 4
Homework #5 Solutions
ozone.txt  crab.txt
hw5.r Wednesday, March 12
Homework #6 Solutions
paper.txt  turkey.txt
biomass.txt  maxspeed.txt
protein.txt  press.r
Guthery (2008) paper
Friday, March 28
Homework #7 Solutions
aphid.txt  warming2013.txt
nitrogen.txt  micro.txt
Friday, April 11
Homework #8 Posted on 4/18 prob8-6.txt  prob8-37.txt
prob8-42.txt  logging.txt
"Odds Are, It's Wrong" Paper
Friday, April 18

Course Handouts

Date Chapter Notes Data/Code
1/27 10.4-10.6 Review Notes on Chi-Square Tests chisq.r
1/29-2/3 11.1-11.2 The Simple Linear Regression Model simplinreg.r
Whooping crane data
2/5-2/7 11.1 Transformations to Linearize Relationships transform.r
2/7-2/10 11.7 Correlation correlation.r
2/12-2/19 11.3-11.4 Inference for Simple Linear Regression inferslr.r
2/21-2/24 11.5 Examining Lack of Fit in Regression purelofnotes.r
2/24-2/26 12.1-12.2 Introduction to Multiple Linear Regression mrintro.r
2/26-3/7 12.3-12.4 Inference in Multiple Linear Regression multreg.r
Meadowfoam Data
3/3 Review Sheet - Test #1
3/7-3/10 12.5 Testing a Subset of Regression Coefficients multpar.r
Fancy Paired Scatterplot Function
Brain/Body Weight Data
3/12 12.7 Comparing Slopes of Regression Lines multslopes.r
Ideal Body Weight Data
Echolocating Bats Data
3/14-3/17 12.8 Logistic Regression R Code for Logistic Fit
3/19-3/24 13.1-13.2 Multiple Regression Diagnostics subset.r
SAT Data
3/26 13.2-13.3 Looking for LOF with Residual Plots residlof.r
3/26-4/7 13.3-13.4 Model Diagnostics diagnost.r
4/7 13.3 Nonlinear Regression
Nonlinear Recorded Lecture
4/7-4/11 8.1-8.2 Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) anova.r
Alzheimer's Data
Nicotine Data
4/14-4/16 8.4,7.4 Testing for Variance Homogeneity varhomog.r
4/16 8.6 Kruskal-Wallis Test kruskal.r
4/11 Review Sheet - Test #2

The 8th homework assignment is available above and is due on Friday, April 18.

The 2nd exam will be given on Tuesday, April 22 from 9:05-11:05am, 1:05-3:05pm, and 3:05-5:05pm as indicated on the test #2 review sheet above. You may bring something to write with, a calculator, and one 8.5x11 sheet of notes to this test. A sign-up sheet for the test will be circulated in class on Friday, April 11. Please come see me if you have any questions or concerns about this 2nd exam.

For instructions to install R in a Windows environment, click Rinstall - Windows.pdf
For instructions to install R in a MAC environment, click Rinstall - MAC.pdf
For a quick reference guide to using R, click R Intro.pdf

Here is a link to the "The Dot and the Line" cartoon.

If you like mathematics and like puzzles, try this MathCounts State-Level puzzle I put together for middle school kids: StatePuzzle2009.pdf

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