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Homework Assignments

Note: To download an R file, right-click the file and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Assignment Solutions R Data R Code Due Date
Homework #1 Posted on 2/6 prob11-62.txt  lungcap.txt
gesell.txt  sizes.txt
Posted on 2/6 Friday, February 6

Course Handouts

Date Chapter Notes Data/Code
1/26-1/30 11.1-11.2 The Simple Linear Regression Model simplinreg.r
Whooping crane data

Lecture Videorecordings

Welcome to STAT 452: Statistical Methods! The first day of class is Monday, January 26.

The 1st homework assignment is available above and is due on Friday, February 6.

For instructions to install R in a Windows environment, click Rinstall - Windows.pdf
For instructions to install R in a MAC environment, click Rinstall - MAC.pdf
For a quick reference guide to using R, click R Intro.pdf

Here is a link to the "The Dot and the Line" cartoon.

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