Montana Uncertainty Quantification
Missoula, June 24-26, 2015

Organizers: John Bardsley (U. Montana) & Aaron Luttman (NSTec)

UM and Missoula from Mount Sentinel.

Conference/Campus Map: here is a detailed map that I put together, and the University has many more here.


Uncertainty quantification denotes the practice of using statistical methods on physics-based models, usually involving differential or integral equations. Many of the applications considered in this workshop require the solution of an inverse problem. Thus the development of statistical (or UQ) methods for inverse problems is one of the primary focuses of this workshop.


MUQ'15 is a sister conference to
SUQ'13, put on by Colin Fox, and the format will be similar to that of SUQ'13: all attendees with gather in a single conference room, talks will be in the morning and early afternoons, with free time in the afternoons for enjoying Missoula and the surroundings in summer, and there will likely be an organized social gathering or two in the evenings.

Talk Title and Abstract:

Your title and abstract is due by June 1. Please email to John Bardsley:

SCHEDULE: note that PhD students have a 30 minute slot (20 min + 10 min questions), while all others have 45 minutes (30-35 min + 10-15 min questions) in order to allow room for discussion.

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.

Day 1:
Aaron Luttman, Kevin Joyce, Denis Shchepakin, Richard Norton, Ralph Smith, Nick Tufillaro talk & paper
Day 2:
Lucas Jones, Indika Udagedara, Marylesa Howard, Mark Campanelli, Heikki Haario, Ville Kolehmainen
Day 3:
Alex Bibov, Zheng Wang, Antti Lipponen, Tiangang Cui, Colin Fox, Al Parker,

LOCATION OF TALKS: The talks will take place in the Skaggs Building, Room 114; see my detailed map
here (other campus maps can be found here). To get to Skaggs 114, enter the Skaggs Building immediately behind the Math Building. The room will be on your right.

Cost & Registration:

There is no registration fee. If you would like to attend, please contact
John Bardsley, email:


DORMS: there is cheap (free if our NSF grant comes through, which looks likely) dorm-style accommodation available on the UM campus. For a picture of the rooms and a list of amenities follow this link. If you would like to stay in the dorms, print out this form and send it to the address on the sheet, and also notify John Bardsley. NOTE THAT THE DORM BATHROOMS ARE SHARED, NOT PRIVATE.

HOTELS: below are a few hotels within walking distance of the UM campus. There are many other options online, but many will not be walking distance to campus. GETTING TO THE CONFERENCE FROM YOUR HOTEL: once to campus see my detailed map for how to get to the conference room. Other campus maps can be found here.

Flying into Missoula:

For those traveling from abroad, you may be able to reduce the price of your ticket by first flying into one of the following hubs with regular direct flights into Missoula: Minneapolis (Delta), Salt Lake City (Delta), Denver (United), Portland (Alaska), and Seattle (Alaska).

A Tentative List of Attendees/Speakers:

John Bardsley (U. Montana)
Ranil Basnayake (Clarkson U.)
Mark Campanelli (National Renewable Energy Lab)
Tiangang Cui (MIT)
Colin Fox (U. Otago)
Heikki Haario (Lappeenranta U. Technology)
Marylesa Howard (NSTec)
Leonid Kalachev (U. Montana)
Ville Kolehmainen (U. Eastern Finalnd)
Antti Lipponen (U. Eastern Finland)
Aaron Luttman (NSTec)
Jim Nagy (Emory U.)
Richard Norton (U. Otago)
Al Parker (Montana State U.)
Ralph Smith (North Carolina State U.)
Nick Tufillaro (Oregon State U.)

Alexander Bibov (Lappeenranta U. Technology)
Maggie Hock (Columbia U./NSTec)
Lucas Jones (U. Montana)
Kevin Joyce (U. Montana/NSTec)
Denis Shchepakin (U. Montana)
Indika Udagedara (Clarkson U.)
Zheng Wang (MIT)