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The Mathematics Enthusiast
(formerly The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast)
ISSN 1551-3440 Vol.9, No. 3 (July 2012)
pp. 233-470
"A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving"
- Lao Tzu

1. Beyond Post-modernity in mathematics education
Ole Skovsmose (Denmark) pp. 233-252

2. Inquiry- without posing questions?
Helle Alrø (Denmark) & Marit Johnsen-Høines (Norway) pp. 253-270

3. Demographics of self-selected participants in mathematical tracks in Swedish Upper Secondary School
Linda Mattsson (Göteborg, Sweden) pp. 271-302

4. Loss of Dimension in the History of Calculus and in Student Reasoning
Robert Ely(Idaho) pp. 303-326

(Tromsø 2010)

5. Investigating engineers’ needs as a part of designing a professional development program for engineers who are to become mathematics teachers
Ragnhild Johanne Rensaa (Norway) pp. 327-346

6. From designing to implementing mathematical tasks: investigating the changes in the nature of the T-shirt task.
Claire Vaugelade Berg (Norway) pp. 347-358

7. Foundations for success in mathematical competitions: A study of best praxis in lower secondary schools in Norway
Steinar Thorvaldsen & Lars Vavik (Norway) pp. 359-370

8. University Mathematics Teachers' Views on the Required Reasoning in Calculus Exams
Ewa Bergqvist (Sweden) pp. 371-408

9. Values in effective mathematics lessons in Sweden: what do they tell us?
Aihui Peng (Sweden/China) & Mikaela Nyroos (Sweden) pp. 409-430

10. The role of theory when studying epistemological characterizations of mathematics lecture(r)s
Magnus Österholm (Sweden) pp. 431-464

A mathematical nugget

11. Evaluating Mersenne Primes Using a Single Quadrant Expanding Square
Cory P. Daignault , Douglas Sprague & Joe L. Mott (USA) pp. 465-470
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