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The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast
ISSN 1551-3440 Vol.7, No.1 (January 2010)
pp. 1-174
0. New Year Tidings
Bharath Sriraman (USA) pp. 1-2


1. When is .999... Less Than 1?
Karin Usadi Katz and Mikhail G. Katz (Israel) pp. 3-30

2. High School Teachers use of Dynamic Software to generate serendipitous mathematical relations
Manuel Santos-Trigo and Hugo Espinosa-Pérez (Mexico) pp. 31-46

3. Gender and Mathematics Education in Pakistan: A situation analysis
Anjum Halai (Pakistan/Tanzania) pp. 47-62

4. Early Intervention in College Mathematics Courses: A Component of the STEM RRG Program Funded by the US Department of Education
Rohitha Goonatilake and Eduardo Chappa (USA) pp. 63-74

5. “What Was Really Accomplished Today?”
Mathematics Content Specialists Observe a Class for Prospective K–8 Teachers
Andrew M. Tyminski, Sarah Ledford, Dennis Hembree (USA) pp. 75-92

6. Leading Learning within a PLC: Implementing New Mathematics Content
Ann Heirdsfield, Janeen Lamb, Gayle Spry (Australia) pp. 93-112

7. Mathematical Reasoning in Service Courses: Why Students Need Mathematical Modeling Problems
Kris H. Green & Allen Emerson (USA) pp. 113-140

8. Randomness: Developing an understanding of mathematical order.
Steve Humble (UK) pp. 141-148

9. The Constructs of PhD Students about Infinity: An Application of Repertory Grids
Serdar Aztekin, Ahmet Arikan (Turkey) & Bharath Sriraman (USA) pp. 149-174